Tell me I am passionately curious

I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious




How I won my husband

In 2010 I had a live in boyfriend that was not only a friend from school he was also a social butterfly. He always wanted people around, which wasn’t so bad. I really didn’t invite him to move in, he came for vacation and never left. He ended up throwing a block party and there were probably about 100 people there. It was on my birthday but he didn’t tell anyone that it was my birthday. One of his friends that he invited was my now husband who was also an old school friend that I ran around with all the time but never really got to know him.  He found out it was my birthday and he felt so bad he didn’t bring a present he did all the dishes from the party and cleaned my kitchen. What a wonderful gift.

He started coming over more often and we got a chance to talk because there were a lot of people there every night. One night I had a batch of just out of the oven peanut butter cookies and he ate just about the whole pan. From then on I made fresh cookies every night I knew he was coming over. I would even ask the live in ” Is Jason coming over? He’s my favorite person to hang out with”  the live in didn’t get it.

Just about every night he would come over and either eat or take the cookies and I never changed from those peanut butter cookies. The live in finally left and I married Jason in March 2011.

I later learned that he hates peanut butter but said those were the best cookie he ever had. Now I make him Oatmeal Rasin.