It’s not always autumn

Ok this is more of a rant than a ramble.

As I have said before I thought Word press was global.

Having the material relate to current changes in time, place etc are important but it is not Autumn everywhere in the word.

The other hemisphere is currently moving into Spring.

Enough said!


Now what I really love about fall is the look on my husband’s face when it starts to get colder and the strange fever he develops that I will probably never understand. It is time to get the hell out of Dodge and get to deer camp.


Done with to do!

What I have

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List 5 things I would like to change in my life







Trying to live life inspired by my favorite quote

Happiness is not having what you want. It is wanting what you have.
Rabbi Hyman Schachtel

If these walls could talk

They would probably say that though we were considered technologically advanced for the time, we were shortsighted overall leaving this offal made mostly of plastic. A majority of which is not in tact.

But look at those pyramids, now they knew what they were doing.


Inspiration only  has time for a quickie today

Today’s magic in the Country

This was something I found while searching through my computer written in 2012.


Just about all of my inspiration comes from our little piece of the country. It is where my love, my passion and my heart remain.

I spent today in the country starting at 6:00am I watched the beautiful sunrise that is only here where my heart is. The sun slowly peeked over my favorite live oak bursting with deep shades of pink and orange. As the colors faded I headed out for an early walk hoping to beat the Texas heat. When I stepped out the door there was an armadillo at my feet surely looking for some leftovers. We throw out what we can to the animals to help in the hot dry summer.

I strolled southeast across the pasture to the draw, one of my favorite places to hunt for fossils, native American artifacts, and other things unknown that may be lying there waiting to be found. As I slowly walk around with no special path I keep my head down, not only to look for the best arrowhead I can find but also to watch out for those rattle snakes. I don’t know if I will ever stop hearing “Watch where you step, its snake city out there”. I know my husband wouldn’t say it if he didn’t care. I didn’t find much on my journey, but sometimes I think I am out there more for the inspiration and quiet time than relic hunting. There was a breeze rolling across the hills that made me forget it was August in Texas and I started thinking about the fall and what new things it was going to show me. As I was walking back I was wondering what my husband was up to, surely some project in the yard. There is always something to do on the ranch sometimes I wonder if he ever gets to enjoy it.

As I came through the yard gate the cows were standing around just looking at me with characterless expressions as usual. In the house my husband and I spent some time sitting together staring out the window and talking, one of my favorite things to do. We usually talk about useless pieces of information or stories from our past. As we sat and talked 2 baby deer walked up to the trough for a drink I am still amazed when I see them. I like to watch my husband as he looks out the window because I see him at peace and is wearing what I like to call his country smile. I have never seen anyone have so much passion for a place but I am quickly learning.

Now I sit writing this still watching out the window this time at a red warbler. The sun is starting to go down and I am getting ready to go outside to retrieve my nightly sunset kiss and watch the magic sky again. I am anxious to see the moon and stars and what tomorrow brings.

The hunter’s wife aka the watcher

I have to tell you that I am not sure I will ever understand “Buck Fever”, that thing that my husband gets every year about the time he hears the first dove up on the power lines in front of the house.

I really do love the country, exploring to see what new and exciting finds left behind by the Native Americans, dinosaurs, or anything else that previous inhabitants might have long forgotten. My favorite part is the time I spend watching “I mean hunting” for the animals that often pass through our property to feed or roost or just get a drink.

I get out with the best of them all decked out in camouflage up before the crack of dawn to find a good spot and leave time for the woods to settle. Falling asleep while waiting for those woods to settle is a given. The wonderful part is when I wake I am at times surrounded by all different types of wildlife.


One morning it was turkey that were so close I could have reached out and grabbed their beards, I couldn’t get a shot off because I had a rifle and just to move to aim it would have scared them off. IT was an amazing sight and I could hardly stand having to get up from the spot and startle them in fear of them not returning. I was taught to distract them somehow so I wouldn’t be the one scaring them, so I did. Then excited at what I had witnessed ran off to my conference call.

On a warm afternoon before deer season I was sitting in a lawn chair with a shotgun in my lap, usually that is just so I look like a hunter, fell asleep. When I woke up I had a dozen or so deer right in front of me not 10 feet away was a big buck. I had a hat and sunglasses on and didn’t move so I was able to watch them from close up. They are so graceful barely bending a blade of grass in search of food.

I can’t wait till I get to get back to the country and watch the locals (animals), I guess that is my buck fever.

Tunnel to the Country

Menar1When I find myself over stressed for whatever reason, not enough time, not enough money, not enough patience. It is time to take a trip to the country, which is what we call our ranch in central Texas. I love to spend my days walking for hours at a time searching for treasures from the past that could be anything from a one hundred year old penny to a million years old fossil. I find sea glass and coral, different pieces of old tools and things made out of Iron.

We are hunters but kind to the land. My favorite season is everything else season or critter season, when we chase jack rabbits at sundown or possums at daylight.

This is my place where there is no artificial noise drowning out the sounds and no florescent light distracting from the spectacular performance the country puts on every night.

At times I wonder if my tunnel is being used for other purposes as I understand that is a preferred means of travel of the immigrants coming from our Southern border. Who knows?

Thank you today’s oops yesterday’s inspiration


Camo and the Silhouette

silcamMy hubby the hunter one day while we were shopping online for camo told me an interesting piece of information when it came to a silhouette.

You see I wanted pink camo and I was sure that he would be against it being the, don’t mess with the country kind of guy he is. To my surprise he let me get camo in pink.

He said “I would love to see you in pink camo, besides camo is not meant to hide you in the bushes if is to mask your silhouette”. I love using that line especially to male hunters that figure girls shouldn’t be at deer camp.

This is a photo and Photoshop example of the silhouette and camo difference.

Thank you honey for making me your favorite hunting buddy and thanks to the Weekly photo Challenge