Thank you Mom

dianneanded2For making a morning person that often witnesses the warm colors of the sunrise.

For passing on your knowledge of making things by hand and the love that went into it.

For being patient and brutally honest proving everyone is entitled to their opinion and if someone doesn’t like it they don’t have to listen.

For cooking at home and demonstrating there will never be a restaurant that tastes as good as they think does, do something useful with that money.

For being a bargain hunter and taking creativity to the limits selling trash for profit.

For making sure grandma had a little extra for all those years, a reminder the importance of taking care of those that took care of us.

For teaching moral, ethical behavior by living it.

For being excited about things even if you didn’t understand them just to show how much you cared.

For being able to do anything showing that anyone can if they try.

For fighting harder that anyone should have had to just to shove a little more life into the time that was left.

For the love that you shared making living without you even harder when I see the best parts of you in my daughter.

For being a true friend that lives on in the memories I share.



Daily post

Sometimes it seems like all I write about it the daily post and feel stupid as I don’t feel I need inspiration every day but I do like that it gets my mind going in all different directions.

So with that said here is a quick list of the other things going on

We are hopefully getting to the country today.

My daughter is as clumsy as I am but she amazing and I love her more every day


That’s it she keeps me busy

Analysis Confirmed

The first thing that comes to mind as usual is something naughty. But since I am G rated I will move on.

The super descriptive verb that would pin point me would be analyst. Probably more like over analyst, of pretty much everything. Some time for the good, like putting butter on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so the peanut butter doesn’t stick to the roof of my mouth. Sometimes for the bad like why my husband isn’t in a smiling, that I usually turn into he is mad at me for something I have no idea what I did, I wish I could take it back just so I could see him smile again. In reality he is just deep in thought and I should have asked.

confirmed analyst

Excessive amount of Excess

Moving twice in the past two years from two thousand square feet to a three hundred square foot bedroom with an addition to the family, can make it feel like we are drowning in an overload of what once was a hobby in the corner..

We have to much of everything and can’t find that one thing we need, like undies which you can never have to many

Her head on daddy’s shoulder

It has always been my special spot that I, with a giggle and a smile say that it was custom fit just for my head.

Little girl wasn’t feeling good and cried. Just when I thought I had all that my nerves could handle, daddy offered to hold her. She still cried but his patience and gentle touch after a few minutes had her calm and sleeping in his arms. Daddy’s magic worked on her and apparently hers worked on him too

I am still jealous that the little girl is in my spot but I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for this special moment watching my husband holding our daughter.

It’s not always autumn

Ok this is more of a rant than a ramble.

As I have said before I thought Word press was global.

Having the material relate to current changes in time, place etc are important but it is not Autumn everywhere in the word.

The other hemisphere is currently moving into Spring.

Enough said!


Now what I really love about fall is the look on my husband’s face when it starts to get colder and the strange fever he develops that I will probably never understand. It is time to get the hell out of Dodge and get to deer camp.