I don’t do that stuff – A matter of taste

We don’t watch TV, go to movies, and the only time I read books us when I flip through the first few pages and it somehow manages to capture my attention in the first couple of minutes.

So with that said I am going to tell the story of why.

When my husband and I first got together we spent the first week talking. We never ran out of things to say and pretty much still don’t.  So we decided we wouldn’t watch tv until we ran out of things to talk about. It has been about three and a half years since then and we still don’t turn it on. WE have people ask us all the time how we do it  and the response is that we talk to each other and do things together.

I confess there is one small exception. Our daughter is almost 2 and she watches a few shows during the day, mostly so I can go to the bathroom and take a shower.

thanks to todays inspiration



Popular or Obscure

Creative writing assignment here I come.

I don’t think that I ever want to be labeled obscure (unclear) that would be the equivalent of writer suicide in my opinion.

With that said obscurity is subjective what makes sense to me does not make sense to others not because anyone it stupid it is just that ,

“Everyone is smart in what they know”

I will never understand why the field guys can make a $50 million dollar project work perfectly while being paid what doesn’t count as a single decimal place on the Engineer salary but the engineer cannot make a blueprint that doesn’t have more revisions than there are single digit numbers to uniquely identify them. I am sure the engineer and the field guy could explain it perfectly.

Now how popular is that book that appeals to millions? There are currently 7.2 billion people or so on the planet and until you get into the double digit millions you have not even reached one percent. That is not my idea of effective either.

So I guess the better question is am I in it for the love or the money? Well I don’t have any money so I must love it.

Thank you daily inspiration

Rules for the country part 6

  1. Make love in the warm rain
  2. Never underestimate the girl with a gun, there is karma in the country too
  3. You never know which way the deer will run slow down
  4. Only girls can where boots with shorts
  5. Don’t waste time looking for the end of the rainbow, nature is a treasure
  6. Yes you have to take the kids
  7. let a new visitor find an arrowhead
  8. Turds don’t really float during a turd floater
  9. That smell never goes away
  10. Wow turkey can get off the ground


Oh and the cows are still stupid