That had to have been…

The hardest interview of my life.

I was given a case study that I had to read analize, work up a SOW and build a Power Point.

Then I had to present it to a Director and a Vice President

Next they got to ask me questions to support my answers.

I did better than I thought but not as well as I should have, in my opinion.

They told me I should know something by the end of the day. Well that has passed. Is that good or bad?


Pink – Thought

Never underestimate a lady with a pink pistol.

My computer is pink too but I know how to use them both equally well.

How do I get that job

Its funny if you make minimum wage you want to know how you get a job paying $10 per hour, if you make $10 you want to know how to make $15, $15 wants to know how to make $20, and so on.
Well I can tell you because I did it. IT wasn’t to many years ago that I made nothing. Everyone said “go work for the phone company” so I did, doing customer service. I still made nothing but I had benefits and got a raise every 6 months. I got up to $10 per hour pretty quickly and didn’t have to work weekends any more. When I got my 18 months in I applied for every management job open and I got the first one I interviewed for. So I went from making $10 per hour to $36,000 per year. Not bad for a barely made it through high school kid. A few months later they re-rated the job and bumped the pay to $44,000. I would have never tried for a manager job but my friends said “you can do that”. So I did. What ever they wanted me to do I learned. My motto was ” if I didn’t know it I was going to learn it before they figured out I didn’t know”.
When they went bankrupt I had some experience under my belt so I asked for more. $60,000 this time and guess what, I got it. I started learning everything I could get my hands on and my resume reads like a all there is to know about IT book.
After I left that job because I was bored I asked for $100,000 and I got it and filled one of my life goals of making $100,000 per year before I was 40.
My current position I asked for 90,000 and got $120,000 plus benefits and it is permanent full time Work From Home.
So the tip here is learn everything, I am pretty happy where I am but now my question is “How do I make a million?”

Easy Cloud computing

One of the newest buzz words in IT these days is cloud computing. You may not work directly with it but most likely sooner than later you will be using it whether you know it or not so it wouldn’t hurt to know just a little about what it is and how it works.

To try to make it easy I will explain it in 2 different ways. How it compares to old telephone technology and the other is the actual design as it relates to modern networks and computers.

When I first started hearing people talk about cloud computing I said that sure sounds like an old frame relay circuit, or something a little more familiar a party line, where several people are using the same resource to save money. You could use it when you wanted to as long as your neighbor wasn’t on it. In cloud computing it is kind of the same. Computer users will all user the same piece of software from a remote location saving space on their computers and allowing for more consistency as it is centrally managed therefore all the same. Unlike party lines you don’t have to wait for your neighbor to get off to use it. Networks are much more effective than they were back then. They break everything up into little pieces and send it. That way it uses all of the available space if it is needed. So when a new user joins the team they are added to the user group on the network and they have access to everything that is assigned to that group.

Now the techie version.Cloud computing works on the Application layer whereas Frame Relay was on the network layer of the Network stack. In cloud computing software is loaded on a server somewhere that is connected to the internet. The users may be internal to a company or may be a collection of small companies that access a managed service that allows them to save time and money.

Keep in mind that this is just the most basic description to help you get out of the dark and know what people are talking about.

If you would like more information or would like me to do an easy on something please comment.

Reference: Information provided by Sr IT/IP Consultant for the Worlds largest Wireless Internet provider