Thank you Mom

dianneanded2For making a morning person that often witnesses the warm colors of the sunrise.

For passing on your knowledge of making things by hand and the love that went into it.

For being patient and brutally honest proving everyone is entitled to their opinion and if someone doesn’t like it they don’t have to listen.

For cooking at home and demonstrating there will never be a restaurant that tastes as good as they think does, do something useful with that money.

For being a bargain hunter and taking creativity to the limits selling trash for profit.

For making sure grandma had a little extra for all those years, a reminder the importance of taking care of those that took care of us.

For teaching moral, ethical behavior by living it.

For being excited about things even if you didn’t understand them just to show how much you cared.

For being able to do anything showing that anyone can if they try.

For fighting harder that anyone should have had to just to shove a little more life into the time that was left.

For the love that you shared making living without you even harder when I see the best parts of you in my daughter.

For being a true friend that lives on in the memories I share.



If these walls could talk

They would probably say that though we were considered technologically advanced for the time, we were shortsighted overall leaving this offal made mostly of plastic. A majority of which is not in tact.

But look at those pyramids, now they knew what they were doing.


Inspiration only  has time for a quickie today

Start the day with a sunrise kiss

Most days I am disappointed if I miss the sunrise. It gives me quiet time before my two year old wakes up, it’s warm colors and rays of light guide my thoughts to ideas for the future or peaceful memories of my favorite people or places.

The limitless beauty and uniqueness that appears almost everyday is one of the few things that truly amaze me, (also on the list airplanes, that much metal shouldn’t fly). Spending the 5 minutes or so to watch the dazzling performance of color is time well spent.

Right before the color fades and the sky turns that everyday grey I go find my husband for a sunrise kiss.


Thank you to todays inspiration