Turkey Hunting

So I asked my husband if we could call some birds?

He said yea but they will probably hang up.


Rules for the country part 2

11. Camo is not made to hide in the bushes
12. The sunrise and sunset are always better in the country
13. Go out and look for arrowheads every once in a while
14. There are a billion extra stars here
15. Sometimes fishing with no bait is ok
16. Close the gate
17. The cows won’t cross if they can’t see the bottom
18. Four wheel drive does not get you out of everything
19. Some days you just have to turn the rooster off
20. Don’t go out after dark without a light

Rules for the country

So we spend a lot of time in the country and it is funny to hear all of the comments that my husband makes that are very different from beign in the city.
So here is the start of my list of “Rules for the Country”

1. What happens at Deer Camp stays at Deer Camp
2. Wave back
3. Roll up your windows while not in motion
4. If it is steaming don’t touch it
5. Watch where you step
6. Plan ahead, It’s a long dirt road
7. Respect quiet time
8. Don’t shoot the neighbors deer
9. Keep a close eye on all fires
10. Don’t make new roads

I told you I ramble right??

Finally done time for a break!

I have been doing paperwork for months and I think it is finally coming to an end WooHoo. After I finished up Tax season this year (yes I amd a Tax advisor too) I had alot of clean up to do. Several business’ a dozen amendments, and a few just old returns not done. Then I had student loan documentation and paperwork, and stuff about my identity theft and my house. All great stories for a later time.

For now we are off to the country for a little break. I would love to stay forever. It is everything else season  right now so I am going out looking out for snakes and looking for fossils and arrowheads.


Hello world!

Well blogging is what everyone is doing these days so I decided I better jump on the bandwagon, especially since I am a writer. Go figure.

Who hasn’t heard at some time or another “You should write a book”? I have more than once, so I am. I didn’t realize what a task it was going to be. You see, I am a Technical Writer, I document computer systems, processes and procedures.

I am also an artist and HSP Highly Sensitive Person also know as artist temperment. I have my ups and downs, alot of them and I just recently found out I was pregnant at 40 so lets throw another emotional mess on top of the one I already had going. Lucky for me I have a husband with a big heart.

My inspiration is my mom who died in 2008 of brain cancer after having survived breast cancer 11 years earlier.  I have never know anyone who fought so hard.

So you get the general idea, I ramble and needed a place to stick it.

Thank you for reading and I will try to keep it up