Excessive amount of Excess

Moving twice in the past two years from two thousand square feet to a three hundred square foot bedroom with an addition to the family, can make it feel like we are drowning in an overload of what once was a hobby in the corner..

We have to much of everything and can’t find that one thing we need, like undies which you can never have to many


In search of the next in line

crownThe hunt is on for the next in line for the throne who is unlike most others in the monarchy are not the perfect in every way or at least in the public eye. They are also no the little troublemaker doing every stunt they can think of to pry into the public eye and attempt to get some of the attention from the perfect favorite.

The next in line is the quiet secluded recluse that does not want to be in the limelight or public eye. the one that although has the characteristics of a great leader is modest and humble spending time helping the less fortunate, studying through life’s lessons. They never seek recognition or thanks only the look on the faces of the ones that benefit from the kindness they share. Working years with no one knowing of their royal pedigree one day is approached by a stranger informing them that they are being called to take their place on the throne. They inquire as to how they were located and the stranger replies that they were tasked at the babies birth to be their keeper and insure they one day are prepared to take there place in history. The recluse was curious a to why they have never come in contact with their keep before and he respectfully responded. “You have become through your own path everything that a monarch should be”.  To be successful one must find the gift within themselves, and that will truly not only give a solid foundation for leading the people of a grand nation but it will also give caring and appreciation for their lives and struggles.

With that said they accepted the task knowing deep down it was for the good of the people that they had committed themselves to helping. Oh the things they could do with the chance.

History will one day have a small place for the quite monarch that did amazing things for the people through life’s lessons.



Pick your potion pleasure

I don’t think I have a signature drink, at least not one that I know of.

It would probably be love potion #9 or something like that.

You see I an not a drinker I don’t enjoy an altered state of mental awareness. I am however a n individual that lives magnanimously (look it up I did) in everything I do. So I have an unusual desire to be loyal truthful no matter how dire the situation is.

Have you ever had a person that you just click with? I have, he is shy and quiet but has a passion unlike any that I have seen, for the things that are important to him. We met in the early 80’s in school well more like the roller skating rink, and our paths have crossed on different occasions but never actually stopped and got to know the other. I like to say we knew each other but never got to know each other. Then one day we did.  He ended up at my birthday party with his girlfriend and he felt so bad that he didn’t bring a gift that he did my dishes and cleaned my kitchen he said he had plenty of time.  I don’t think I have ever gotten a better present.

He couldn’t find his girlfriend and I couldn’t find my live in, wouldn’t leave, not really a boyfriend Sponge Bob. We only assumed they were together.

A few months later we ended up being sent by them on a errand and finally had that chance to get to start to get to know each other. I was really glad we did , I was still in the same situation with Sponge Bob and his girlfriend was all but kicked out the door and out of his life. After we got home he asked if he could kiss me and I replied that I was sorry that I didn’t think it was a good idea given the situation I was in. His response was of shock,

who does that in this day and age?

He said he had so much respect for me after that day. He had even more when he found out I was being beaten by Bob. One day he just decided it was enough so he told bob to stay away from me or he would be the one beat.

So I am a hopeless romantic with true heart that is out of the norm it must be a potion that causes this strange behavior. Maybe Love Potion #9.

Thank you The daily Post

Nothing with a name

When I  look back on my life and specifically the possessions that I considered important, I don’t remember naming my things. I even have my oldest stuffed animal and he doesn’t have a name.

On the other hand I find myself naming just about everything my daughter has. She has a stuffed cow named cheese and a stuffed chicken named quackers. Her favorite friend is a stuffed deer that she just calls deer. The is a purple gorilla named burple and a huge colorful worm named cootie, yes like the old game.


It is funny to me that the same holds true for work. I go into dozens of meetings and most of the time will not pick up a name until I have come in contact with them 2 or 3 times. I have just had to learn clever ways of identifying people until they get indexed for quick search in my intelligence system otherwise know as Missy

Thank you to todays inspiration

Grandpa’s Mandolin

As we move through our day to day lives, we at times experience something that reminds us of the past. Taking a few minutes to remember grandpa and his mandolin was worth far more than the time spent putting one of his stories down on paper.

Grandpa was a wonderful husband that picked wild flowers for grandma often. He was a great father taking all 6 of his kids to stay at a motel for the weekend so they could swim. More than anything he was passionate about what he did especially music. He didn’t just make the sounds of music he made the instruments like mandolins and guitars. He even managed to sell a few in his early days. He really did it for the pure pleasure than the monetary gain he could have received. They had beautiful tone and he took special care hand crafting each piece. He made special tools to make the tasks easier like a hook to hang the instrument so there would be no marks in the finish. He used things around the house that could be recycled such as for his scratch plate he used old record albums sanded smooth. For the pearl inlay he would use the inside of shells that the kids had found on the beach or grandmas buttons. The end result was a genuine masterpiece.

Grandpa couldn’t read a note of music but you would have never known it by the way he played. He would not only play what he heard he would also make parts up as he played along with other songs.

After he retired he and grandma would hook their little camper up to the cutlass and travel the country meeting new people while going to bluegrass festivals. They spent their days listening to the booked bands on stage, the evenings visiting friends and eating potluck and sitting around a fire through the night for the best part, the jam session.

Grandpa has been gone for over a decade now, but his memories live on and are always good for a smile.


Drawing by: Kim Hardin