Analysis Confirmed

The first thing that comes to mind as usual is something naughty. But since I am G rated I will move on.

The super descriptive verb that would pin point me would be analyst. Probably more like over analyst, of pretty much everything. Some time for the good, like putting butter on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so the peanut butter doesn’t stick to the roof of my mouth. Sometimes for the bad like why my husband isn’t in a smiling, that I usually turn into he is mad at me for something I have no idea what I did, I wish I could take it back just so I could see him smile again. In reality he is just deep in thought and I should have asked.

confirmed analyst


Pick your potion pleasure

I don’t think I have a signature drink, at least not one that I know of.

It would probably be love potion #9 or something like that.

You see I an not a drinker I don’t enjoy an altered state of mental awareness. I am however a n individual that lives magnanimously (look it up I did) in everything I do. So I have an unusual desire to be loyal truthful no matter how dire the situation is.

Have you ever had a person that you just click with? I have, he is shy and quiet but has a passion unlike any that I have seen, for the things that are important to him. We met in the early 80’s in school well more like the roller skating rink, and our paths have crossed on different occasions but never actually stopped and got to know the other. I like to say we knew each other but never got to know each other. Then one day we did.  He ended up at my birthday party with his girlfriend and he felt so bad that he didn’t bring a gift that he did my dishes and cleaned my kitchen he said he had plenty of time.  I don’t think I have ever gotten a better present.

He couldn’t find his girlfriend and I couldn’t find my live in, wouldn’t leave, not really a boyfriend Sponge Bob. We only assumed they were together.

A few months later we ended up being sent by them on a errand and finally had that chance to get to start to get to know each other. I was really glad we did , I was still in the same situation with Sponge Bob and his girlfriend was all but kicked out the door and out of his life. After we got home he asked if he could kiss me and I replied that I was sorry that I didn’t think it was a good idea given the situation I was in. His response was of shock,

who does that in this day and age?

He said he had so much respect for me after that day. He had even more when he found out I was being beaten by Bob. One day he just decided it was enough so he told bob to stay away from me or he would be the one beat.

So I am a hopeless romantic with true heart that is out of the norm it must be a potion that causes this strange behavior. Maybe Love Potion #9.

Thank you The daily Post

Nothing with a name

When I  look back on my life and specifically the possessions that I considered important, I don’t remember naming my things. I even have my oldest stuffed animal and he doesn’t have a name.

On the other hand I find myself naming just about everything my daughter has. She has a stuffed cow named cheese and a stuffed chicken named quackers. Her favorite friend is a stuffed deer that she just calls deer. The is a purple gorilla named burple and a huge colorful worm named cootie, yes like the old game.


It is funny to me that the same holds true for work. I go into dozens of meetings and most of the time will not pick up a name until I have come in contact with them 2 or 3 times. I have just had to learn clever ways of identifying people until they get indexed for quick search in my intelligence system otherwise know as Missy

Thank you to todays inspiration

Easy SEO

Back in the old days haha, when the internet was fairly new the way to get a high page rank was to Type your keywords and a whole bunch of anything related at the bottom of your page and make the text the same color as the background. I know you old school web masters know what I am talking about.

Now days crawlers have gotten smart, they completely ignore any text that is the same as the background. We all know that if you aren’t on the front page you might as well close up shop. Approximately 90% of web users will not go past the first page.

It really all goes back to the basics. Not many developers use all of the different parts of any code, namely documentation, naming convention and thing like that. All of that back end stuff is a pain yes, and you really can’t see it on the web page unless you do something that causes it to display such as alternate text of a picture that won’t load, or a mouse over help.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of creating a website so it naturally has the elements needed for a high ranking. There are constantly people coming up with tricks to rank higher and usually just as quickly the search providers are finding ways to stop it. So again it goes back to basics and unfortunately many people don’t learn them. There are a lot of tutorials on the web that can quickly teach the basics some of which I mentioned earlier, but the main things to remember are:

  • Use your keywords in naming everywhere you possibly can
  • Make sure the alternate text fields are populated again with your keywords
  • Name your pictures with the same words
  • Not only use links but also put names on them to give more opportunity to document your keywords
  • ** Do your research and see what people are actually searching for.

This should get you started, but I recommend being creative give it some time, it is something you learn not are born with.

Information provided by the experience of a Sr Business Analyst and IT Consultant.