Daily post

Sometimes it seems like all I write about it the daily post and feel stupid as I don’t feel I need inspiration every day but I do like that it gets my mind going in all different directions.

So with that said here is a quick list of the other things going on

We are hopefully getting to the country today.

My daughter is as clumsy as I am but she amazing and I love her more every day


That’s it she keeps me busy


Sick as a dog

For the last two days I have been sick as a dog and my daughter has been energy on overdrive. I didn’t know that the Frito bag refilled itself after emptied, apparently it does. I have already vacuumed it up twice.

Here is my question for the day for all parents and those that have all of the answers even thought they have never had any.

What do I do with the baby when I can barely lift my head off the pillow and daddy has to work?

Need help..

Nothing with a name

When I  look back on my life and specifically the possessions that I considered important, I don’t remember naming my things. I even have my oldest stuffed animal and he doesn’t have a name.

On the other hand I find myself naming just about everything my daughter has. She has a stuffed cow named cheese and a stuffed chicken named quackers. Her favorite friend is a stuffed deer that she just calls deer. The is a purple gorilla named burple and a huge colorful worm named cootie, yes like the old game.


It is funny to me that the same holds true for work. I go into dozens of meetings and most of the time will not pick up a name until I have come in contact with them 2 or 3 times. I have just had to learn clever ways of identifying people until they get indexed for quick search in my intelligence system otherwise know as Missy

Thank you to todays inspiration

Popular or Obscure

Creative writing assignment here I come.

I don’t think that I ever want to be labeled obscure (unclear) that would be the equivalent of writer suicide in my opinion.

With that said obscurity is subjective what makes sense to me does not make sense to others not because anyone it stupid it is just that ,

“Everyone is smart in what they know”

I will never understand why the field guys can make a $50 million dollar project work perfectly while being paid what doesn’t count as a single decimal place on the Engineer salary but the engineer cannot make a blueprint that doesn’t have more revisions than there are single digit numbers to uniquely identify them. I am sure the engineer and the field guy could explain it perfectly.

Now how popular is that book that appeals to millions? There are currently 7.2 billion people or so on the planet and until you get into the double digit millions you have not even reached one percent. That is not my idea of effective either.

So I guess the better question is am I in it for the love or the money? Well I don’t have any money so I must love it.

Thank you daily inspiration

Told ya, not a very good blogger

I know it has been a couple of days since I have written but I have been making a list of things I wanted to write about.
Some days I am busy and some days I just sleep all day. This time sleep won over.
The things I came up with to write about are pretty good though.
They are coming soon.