Hopeless Bitcoin Enthusiast

btcxrpI am not sure why but every day I spend a few moments scattered throughout the day jumping around Bitcoin sites. Let me tell you that if you don’t know what they are, you need to find out, and if you don’t have any you need to get some. Whether it is Bitcoin or any other crypto currency, I recommend, ripple (xrp), but that is my opinion. I have been learning about it since 2011 but it started in 2009 and they at that time gave it away, they just threw it out everywhere to build hype and a reputation for itself, but trying to convince most people that there was value in something that wasn’t real. Many that had large amounts early on just lost them, forgot about them, or in some cases just threw them away, such as the person who threw away a house. Apparently they had thrown out an old computer that had enough Bitcoin on it that the lucky person who recovered it cashed in $200,000 and bought a new house.

The value of Bitcoin which was once $0 is currently creeping up on $1300 each, not quite it’s $1800 high from a few years ago but still quite an impressive gain. Especially when you can still get them, although very limited amounts for free.

So here I am giving you a start. By signing up on freebiebitcoin  you will receive $10 worth of Bitcoin. All you have to lose is the 5 minutes it will take to spread the word to others.

If you would like a little more because you become a junkie like me try freebitco.in it doesn’t pay much but when free can eventually turn into a house, why not waste your time you are sitting around doing nothing building a house (maybe)

**Note – I have not been paid for this I just did it so we are learning together. I am researching and testing.





You may have heard the term but not quite sure what it is? Well some people think it is disgusting. Some people think it is smart. Some people never think, and some people just have no idea what to think about it.

About 6 months ago we were driving down this street that had one of those big construction dumpsters sitting outside. I noticed there was some kind of computer equipment sticking out of the top of it so we stopped and I climbed up the side to see what it was and to my surprise it was 4 Cisco switches that cost about $1500 new. So I pulled them out and brought them home, plugged them in hooked them to a computer to test them and they came on and I was able to access the management console. I am an IT geek. I did a little research and found that they were going for about $200 each on Ebay so I listed them on a 3 day auction or Buy it now for $200 each in about 10 minutes. So that 5 minute stop made me $800. I have to tell you that I would have never considered dumpster diving but after making $800 for 5 minutes work I reconsidered my position. Since them we have pulled about 1000 lbs of dog food out, we don’t have dogs but we donate it. We have found a couple thousand dollars worth of toner cartridges brand new. We found enough hard wood flooring to do our whole house. We have pulled out a mile of shelving. Cedar boards worth a fortune and a pair of boots worth about $200 that just happened to be the right size.

You can think what you want about dumpster diving, but we don’t dive for food and we stay away from anything with trash juice. We have probably pulled out $10,000 worth of stuff in the past 6 months. Now if we could figure out how to open a store and quit our jobs we would have it made.

Ask me anything I am not shy, I will tell you the best places, when, what you get.