1001 ways to see world

Sometimes I am too shy to write anything but whatever the daily inspiration is, I am still a newbie.

I have been doodling with this for quite a while and I will add to it as I have time. So far it has just been in my head or a little notebook I carry, inspired by a book that my mom kept on her nightstand when she was fighting cancer called 14,000 things to be happy about. Maybe someday I can turn it into a book in her honor.

  1. With eyes wide open
  2. With blinders on
  3. From the Eifel Tower
  4. From a ski slope (black diamond)
  5. Through a camera lenses
  6. In the clouds
  7. From someone else’s shoes
  8. In a kaleidoscope
  9. From a live oak tree
  10. In a reflection
  11. With a friend
  12. Through the eyes of a child
  13. Running a marathon
  14. Peeking through a keyhole
  15. Balancing on a log
  16. Full of hope
  17. Combing a beach
  18. Opening a window
  19. Swimming in the ocean
  20. Riding horseback


More later, the hardest part they say is getting started so this is my start.


What the hell does Litmus mean? Is it a test in this context?

Ok today I am just stupid, I have heard of the Litmus test so that is what I assume this is.

If I could ask one question:

Do you require trust be earned or give trust until it is lost?

This doesn’t decide if I want to be a friend, I need all the friends I can get, it more tells me where I stand with them and how I need to treat the friendship