My 2 cents on crypto currency to change the world

Apparently I am consumed; I again am talking about crypto currency. I am not sure where we will end up, but I know that something in the realm of digital currency is going to explode in 2015 and I want to be on the leading edge of it. I want to see the same amazing growth as Amazon who has over time realized a 60,000% increase in value since its inception. A few someone’s are going to be rich, most likely the same someone’s as before because they are paying attention.

So what is it going to be? Bitcoin, Litecoin, primecoin, Ripples, Dogecoin, or any other crypto or digital currency out there. Will it be on a microchip under your skin (this is real there are 2000 people already chipped otherwise known as IoT Internet of Things) or just a file in your computer? Will it be on the new Plastc card that will bring all of your accounts and cards to one place for management? I personally don’t believe this one will make it (just my opinion).

I would suggest that if you are not up to date with the crypto world you should get there quick.

Some Ideas:

Open a Bitcoin or any coin wallet.

Acquire by any means coins they are even for sale on ebay

Talk about it and find out what you can

Put it all together and make your own decision

Then “call to action” comment and tell me and the world what you thin and how it will change us all


The grow up plan

When I was little I kind of remember wishing I was a grownup wanting to make my own choices and do whatever I wanted. Now not so much; please put me back, I want to be a kid again. When I look at my little girl and get down on the floor and play with her see everything that she is learning and her face when she makes an accomplishment and we clap and say yea! I love my little girlie I cry when I see her hug her daddy and had so much fun making this slideshow for her for grandma’s birthday Friday.

IT makes me wish I was a kid again, but I never really felt grown up until I held her in my arms two years ago.

The Sunset Fades

Breakfast in bed, what a wonderful way to start the day; Yogurt, pancakes shaped like hearts, so light they melt in your mouth topped with boysenberry syrup heated to prevent cooling to quickly, pink milk scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon were the main course of the feast that delighted the senses and set the overall mood for the day. Breakfast finished up with a nap and at noon then she noticed the mystery box, having never seen it before the thought that it may change day to anything else. To her surprise the box that she had opened had left her lying with head pounding and eyes swollen the real world realized and the normal life is not normal but they all end the same watching the sunsets fade.

Maybe a turn for something amazing

I know I have talked a bit about bitcoin before but I want to throw some numbers at you and see if it will convince you to give crypto currency a try.

First let me say that I have been following bitcoin for about a year and a half unfortunately I was not one of those people that got a bunch and have just sat on them for the past 5 years, but I am learning. I don’t plan on missing something like this again. So with that said let me talk about Bitcoin and crypto currency. Bitcoin was created in 2009 and was given away to get it started and then after the initial distribution it grew by mining and today is the most popular of the crypto currencies. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet you need to get one. The wallet I use is blockchain.

Now on to amazing, I have been researching the next phase in the crypto thing and I am also a part time investor in Forex, I also get a lot of news about trading. Wall Street has been talking about the next bitcoin but bigger. Many very large companies have already bought in like Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Central Bank of Canada. I love the fact that I can walk into a Bank of America and deposit straight into it with only an invoice number and my user name. And that is all they have about me my email address.

What I am talking about is Ripple or to be exact. Ripple is a new network and crypto currency that is used for fast cheap payment transfer across the world. Ripples or XRP is super easy to buy through snapswap, Ripple tells you how and it was so easy. It took a day to credit to the account just like if you made a deposit in the bank.

Right now XRP are worth about 2 cents each. I have about 5k that I got Thursday for one cent each. So I have already doubled my money. I didn’t spend anything that I didn’t want to lose but this 5000 XRP if it realizes the same profit that bitcoin had earlier this year it will be worth $9,000,000. If it goes up in the same percentage as Amazon it will be worth $15,000,000,000, yup 15 billion. I am not in any way suggesting that is what will happen but I just thought I would share what I am doing for a chance at amazing. I didn’t really have anyone to share it with so chose my blog friends.

None of this is information was provided for pay or referral. I just wanted to give others the chance. The only thing I gain is, if it succeeds it will be amazing.

This is my cause meet effect

Happy Birthday Babies

John Wesley and twin brother Jason William born at only 25 weeks weighing a pound and a half each were with us for only 17 days. They both suffered grade 4 brain bleeds and we were advised by the hospital that they had “NO” chance and the best thing for them would be to remove them from life support. We did as they advised fearing that a short life of horrible pain would be no life. We truly regret the decision as we now know we were lied to by the hospital, and have met children who have suffered grade 4 brain bleeds born as micro preemies living a normal life, one being my step sister who I had barely known until after this happened, and her son. She helped me understand a lot after spending 9 months in the hospital with Miles also born weighing a pound and a half and suffering a grade 4 brain bleed. He is now 10 and doing awesome.

The choice although was not heartless, on the day the babies were born their paternal grandmother was laid to rest having passed after losing her fight with cancer. Their maternal grandmother also lost her fight with cancer 5 years earlier along with their great grandmother who also fought cancer. And one month later great grandmother Rosie passed after a fight with cancer. Not to mention the family that we have lost through nature.

The babies were the product of many wonderful people all having special skills, talents and personalities. They missed their chance to show the world how amazing they were.

Uncle Bobby contacting my dad

I came to the realization last week that every single mother that has had some sort of association with me has had cancer. Mom, Grandma, Other Grandma, Step Mom, First Mother-in-law, second mother-in-law and granny (in-law), all have won or lost a battle with cancer. Trust me you don’t want any part of being my mother.

Last year I noticed something not quite right with grandma. I would never claim to be her favorite and she would never say she had one, but we had a different relationship that she did with any of my cousins. She would call me when she needed anything. Blew a fuse, AC went out, garage door won’t open or even when her check book wouldn’t balance. It was no surprise when she asked me to come live with her; after all she was 88 years old and knew she needed help sometimes. So I sold my house and we my husband, daughter and I moved in with her. While living there it was obvious that she was not all there. She would check the mail over and over even on Sunday and leave the door open and she would eat all the ice cream she could stuff in.

I decided that it was time to tell my aunts and uncles but unfortunately I was the outcast and it didn’t help that my mom who they didn’t like was gone being one of the ones that lost her battle. After telling them that I thought something was up with grandma they flipped out. They blamed me of stealing her savings, and trying to manipulate her into giving me her house. Honestly I didn’t even think about it. I wouldn’t have wanted it anyway as I wasn’t in love with it. My grandma is what made it special. My aunts and uncles tag teamed me blaming me for money that she didn’t have that they thought that she should.

Grandma lost her battle in January of this year and I didn’t get to see her again after they kicked us out of grandma’s house they told me she didn’t want to talk to me because I stole her money. They didn’t know and probably still don’t that I called her and we talked for quite a while and she never mentioned that anyone stolen her money. I even asked leading questions like let me know if you need anything and she said she was just glad to hear from me. She didn’t know anything about it. I was really glad I called and talked to her and got to hear from her that she was ok.

This is us with grandma on her last birthday. So lucky to have the picture but more lucky to have the memories.

This is us with grandma on her last birthday. So lucky to have the picture but more lucky to have the memories.

My uncle bobby (moms brother) sent an email to my dad saying that he knows that they are our kids and that he can’t do anything but stick up for them and protect them. My dad’s response was priceless. He said you may have to stick up for your kids but I don’t have to stick up for mine. I don’t think I could have gotten a better compliment from my dad.

No thank you daily inspiration for reminding me how much I miss grandma

Quit my Job at American Airlines

In 2010 my life was turned upside down. I got a divorce, had a friend that came to visit kind of turn into a boyfriend and wouldn’t leave, ended up beating me up, was saved by my current husband and had my identity stolen. Those things are pretty big but the one that I was really in control of was when I quit my job at American Airlines where I had been for 4 years. I was in a position that did not allow me to move or grow so I resigned. I wanted to work as a consultant and I was already doing that work.  They just tend to under pay It people in my opinion. So in August I left and already had a new project with a small company in Irving. It was short but I got some good experience. In December my current husband had me pumped up believing I could do anything, so I applied and interviewed for a consultant job making twice the money that I was used to.

Wouldn’t you know I got that job and all of a sudden I was a consultant not just an analyst making a six figure income.

I probably would have never left American but the live in talked me into it. I am sure he wanted more of my money to spend. To bad he only talked me into quitting

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Envelope Pushers.”