Did you know?

Alaska - Skagway and Juneau -Glaciers 233

An iceberg is not really blue. IT appears that color because of the way the ice filters the other colors in the spectrum, i.e. red and green.

Beautiful Refraction



Almost to Vancouver this dreamy image caused a quick phone shot

Right before that voice comes on saying please turn off all electronic devices I looked out the window to see this dreamy mountain peeking out of the clouds. I am not sure what mountain but it was upon landing in Vancouver, CA, the departure location for my Alaskan Cruise

Camo and the Silhouette

silcamMy hubby the hunter one day while we were shopping online for camo told me an interesting piece of information when it came to a silhouette.

You see I wanted pink camo and I was sure that he would be against it being the, don’t mess with the country kind of guy he is. To my surprise he let me get camo in pink.

He said “I¬†would love to see you in pink camo, besides camo is not meant to hide you in the bushes if is to mask your silhouette”. I love using that line especially to male hunters that figure girls shouldn’t be at deer camp.

This is a photo and Photoshop example of the silhouette and camo difference.

Thank you honey for making me your favorite hunting buddy and thanks to the Weekly photo Challenge